Abhishek Bhagat

Mr Abhishek Bhagat

University: Individual Innovator, Registered with National Innovation Foundation India and its National Awardee

E-mail: abhixs@me.com


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Abhishek Bhaagat has had an innovative mind since his childhood. He has developed a number of devises and conceived many useful ideas. He was invited by National Innovation Foundation – India to be the innovator-in-residence for a period of two months to work on the automatic food-making machine. During that time, he also made a scissor with a measuring tape. While cutting cloth with these scissors, you can see how much cloth you have cut (in inches or feet). So there is no longer a need to mark on the cloth. He is also interested in developing a smart watch that can be programmed for 12 hours to do general household work like switching on bulbs and other appliances. During his early years, Abhishek used to see his mother spending hours in the kitchen and cooking food for the entire family. Once it so happened that due to his mother's illness, he was asked to cook. He then for the first time realized how tedious the job really was for females to cook every single day. This motivated him to develop a machine for his mother, which could reduce the efforts to cook and was not even time consuming. Abhishek had the idea but he did not know how to convert it into a real machine. This is when he wrote to NIF which led him to innovate the World's 1st Automatic Cooking machine, ROBOCOOK.