Anang Tadar

Mr Anang Tadar

University: NEW GALAXY ACADEMY (School), Innovator registered with National Innovation Foundation



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Anang Tadar has developed a device called G4B (goggle for blind) which uses the principle of echolocation used by the bats to help the visually impaired people to navigate around with ease. The goggle have ultrasound sensors and infrared sensors which helps the wearer to locate the obstacles ahead. The wearer knows about the distance and the direction of the obstacle by wearing the glass. This device will be an aid for the blind people who are really unaware of most of the obstacle lying in front of them. The cane stick they used is limited to detect obstacles below their knee and fails to detect the overhang and other obstacle. But with the help of this device blind people really get to have more awareness about the various degree of obstacle which help them to eliminate bumping against obstacle like signboard, electric poles branches of tree etc. We see almost every blind person wearing a goggle or a sunglasses even they can’t see through it. They wear it so to musk their injured eyes or to simply let others know that they are blind. The approach is very simple. Why not put in the modern electronics and sensor in the same thing that they are wearing which would actually help them in real life to see the obstacles virtually.


Through his device Anang would like to make the life of the visually impaired people easier. The technology has been standardized and tested in real life situations. The innovation has already gone through a few iterations of feedback generation and product enhancement. NIF is working with the innovator for undertaking marketing/commercialization activities through the NIF Incubation and Entrepreneurship Council (NIF-ientreC), a Technology Business Incubato