Harshal Kumar

Dr Harshal Kumar

University: National Renewable Energy Fellow (Ministry of New & Renewable Energy



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My research during PhD & publication of several research in peer reviewed journal involved detailed studies on BIO-ENERGY CROP JATROPHA. Utilisation of Jatropha curcas oil as a new source for diesel engine has tremendous scope in contributing to the growing needs of energy resources in the country. Despite some studies on some Jatropha curcas provenances, a systematic documentation of morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of Jatropha curcas seed available in different agro climatic regions in INDIA, is lacking. Many specific questions about its production, commercialization and genetic improvement work was still in their infancy. No work on genetic improvement aspects of this species was taken up so far in India. Systematic provenance trails at different locations have not yet been carried out with Jatropha curcas in India and to the necessary extent in the world. The material from the centre of origin has not been sufficiently screened (Heller, J) at the global level, information on genetic improvement of J. curcas is restricted to a few publications. Moreover before exploiting any plant for industrial application, it is imperative to have complete information about its seed morphology, physiology and biochemistry so that the potential of plant could be utilized maximally

Obtaining optimal yields of Jatropha curcas is dependent upon a variety of things including the use of improved germplasm (selected for optimal yield of nuts with an optimal amount of oil) and matching the germplasm to sites with fertile soils and adequate moisture that will allow it to express its genetic potential to produce optimal yields. Thus, the main accomplishment of my research was a step towards filling this knowledge gap about morphological, physiological and biochemical characteristics of Jatropha curcas seed and also to identify the better germplasm. This finally led to the selection of best variety for production of supreme quality Bio-fuel. Around 400 citations have been executed throughout entire PhD research & more than 20 research articles about Bio-energy crop which got possible through collaborating, consulting & studying with other BRICS countries scientist work. Dr Kumar has peer reviewed more than 20 publications.